Logarithmic moduli theory: curves, sheaves, and beyond

           When: 29 July to 02 August 2024.
         Where: University of Cambridge
Organizers: Mark Gross, Dhruv Ranganathan, and Bernd Siebert

Welcome to the webpage for the workshop Logarithmic moduli theory: curves, sheaves, and beyond to be held at the University of Cambridge from 29 July to August 2 2024. Participation is by invitation.

The primary goal of this workshop is to explore potential use of logarithmic geometry in the study of sheaves and their moduli, building on the success of logarithmic Gromov-Witten theory in the past decade. Our hope is to identify key problems and have a discussion with the community of people working in these and nearby areas about the priorities and targets of this young subject.

Topics we hope to bring to the fore are the logarithmic Hilbert scheme, the developing theory of limit linear series in logarithmic geometry, the interaction with the theory of stability conditions via the Gross-Siebert program, and interactions with tropical and enumerative geometry.